Proficiency Testing Australia
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A total of 9 laboratories received samples, comprising of one Australian participant, and eight overseas participants, including Botswana, Russia, Malaysia, Spain, Argentina, Albania and Kenya.

Laboratories were supplied with five textile samples for testing. Tests: Breaking Load, Extension, Threads/Unit Length (Warp), Threads/Unit Length (Weft), Mass per Unit Area and Quantitative Fibre Analysis.

The Final Report is issued on the PTA website, and can be accessed by selecting Programs, then selecting Reports 2018. The report number is 1079.



PTA programs have been used by laboratories to satisfy accreditation requirements, educate staff, verify methods and procedures, enhance accuracy, demonstrate competence, assess performance, compare with peers, monitor analysis, identify problems and improve testing.

Registration for participation in the Textiles Round 4 Proficiency Testing Program will be open in November 2018

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