Proficiency Testing Australia
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From its constitution in 2006, Proficiency Testing Australia (PTA) has joined a very successful partnership with the New Zealand based company, Global Proficiency (former Asure Quality). Our collaboration includes supply and distribution of testing samples, technical expertise and logistic support in the fields of food and water proficiency testing. In recent years, we worked together for the implementation of PTA’s SeaWaters Proficiency Testing Program, a program design for laboratories specialized in monitoring the quality of ocean waters. Future initiatives in the field of environmental testing are also planned, in an effort to answer the requests of our clients.

We would like to thank the dedicated team of managers, scientists and technicians from Global Proficiency for their continuous contribution to the efficient operation of the PTA programs. Without mentioning all those involved, we would like to acknowledge the support received throughout the years from Sandra Mott and Gordana Aleksic (business and technical development), Marion Buckley-Smith and Robert Hutchinson (technical advisers), and Sarah Giannoulidis (operations logistics). Their roles in programs development, samples supply, samples distribution and technical expertise have been essential for many of the PTA’s programs.

Registration for participation in the Waters (Chemical) Proficiency Testing Program is now open, with eight rounds scheduled for July-December 2018.

For more information about the PTA proficiency testing programs, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..