Proficiency Testing Australia
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Proficiency Testing Australia’s suite of Asbestos Proficiency Testing Programs continues to provide an essential service to analysts involved in this vitally important area of testing.

The National Asbestos Program (NAP), which monitors fibre-counting proficiency, relating to the estimation of airborne asbestos, commenced in July 1989. The initial round included a total of 37 counters from 17 accredited laboratories.  Since then, the program has grown enormously, with numbers exceeding 550 individual counters in the most recent round.  In 2002, a new program covering bulk sample analysis was established, and the Asbestos Identification (Building & Related Products) Program has continued to successfully monitor the accuracy and reliability of participating personnel in asbestos fibre identification for 16 rounds to date.  The addition of the Asbestos In Soils Program in 2010 completed the trio of PTA Asbestos-related programs, and ensures all areas of testing in this important area are adequately catered for in terms of external quality assurance services.

PTA is very proud of their long history in the delivery of these programs, and therefore it is appropriate that we take the time to acknowledge our wonderful and supportive asbestos technical advisers and sample suppliers. Geoff Pickford (Pickford Resources Pty Ltd) was instrumental in the design of the NAP over 30 years ago, and continues to offer his time and support as a technical adviser for all three programs.  Linda Apthorpe (formerly Pickford & Rhyder Consulting, now Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd) has acted in the technical adviser/sample supplier for well over a decade. Pickford & Rhyder Consulting Pty Ltd has assisted in the supply of NAP slides and identification bulk samples since the commencement of the programs.  In addition, PTA would like to acknowledge the contribution of the NAP independent check counters - Margaret Hordiewicz (1989 to 2001), and Evelyn Baker (2001 to present).

We are extremely grateful to these individuals for their dedication and commitment (past and present) to the continued success of the PTA Asbestos Programs, especially considering own busy work schedules.

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