Proficiency Testing Australia
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In August 2020 PTA General Manager, Philip Briggs recorded a lecture on proficiency testing for Macquarie University as part of a course unit on Laboratory Quality Systems for the Department of Molecular Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Macquarie University courses that offer the unit:

  • GradDipBiotech
  • GradCertLabAQMgt (Laboratory and Quality Management)
  • GradDipLabAQMgt (Laboratory and Quality Management)
  • MBiotech
  • MBioBus
  • MLabAQMgt (Laboratory and Quality Management)
  • MRadiopharmSc
  • MSc
  • MScInnovationChemBiomolecularSc

Philip is an alumni from Macquarie University and was honoured to be given the opportunity to provide the lecture.

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